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I'm Samantha. Wife. Mommy of three. Follower of Jesus. Southern California native. Coffee shop connoisseur. Let's be friends!

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The Footsteps of Faith: Psalms

Have you ever walked along the ocean on an empty beach? Or along a beach filled with footprints going in all different directions? I love to watch the way footprints stick in the sand and create a path wherever you…

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Why Is Pro-Life So Important?

We see it on the news every day: women protesting for the right to abortion. “My body my choice,” they say. Could that be true? Why are most Christians so passionate about the pro-life stance? Let’s dive in to why…

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Ask, Seek, and Knock

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Does God really care?” He is the God of the entire universe. He spoke the world into being. Yet in Matthew, Jesus tells us to “Ask, seek, and knock and it will be given to…

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