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I'm Samantha. Wife. Mommy of two. Follower of Jesus. Southern California native. Coffee shop connoisseur. Let's be friends!

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Ask, Seek, and Knock

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Does God really care?” He is the God of the entire universe. He spoke the world into being. Yet in Matthew, Jesus tells us to “Ask, seek, and knock and it will be given to…

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How To Accomplish True Forgiveness

We all have people in our lives who have hurt us, whether it’s a parent, a spouse, a friend, whomever. That means we all have to learn how to forgive. We even have to learn how to forgive ourselves! Below…

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How To Have Joy In All Circumstances

I feel so unqualified to write this blog post. How to have joy in all circumstances. I’m honestly still trying to figure this out. However, God laid this upon my heart to share with you, so I feel confident in…

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